◈ Product Name : Peanut Sprout Herbal Tea

◈ Product Type: Leached Tea

◈ Net Content : Herbal Type 60g / Tea Bag Type 24g (1.2g 20 tea bags)

◈ Recommended Intake : Drink as Water

◈ Ingredient: Peanut Sprout 100%

Peanut sprout herbal tea is natural sources of Resveratrol and other polyphenolic substances.

Peanut Sprouts are one of the perfect functional vegetables with so many health benefits. What is particularly noticeable in peanut sprouts is that they contain an astonishingly large content of resveratrol compared to any other natural sources. Peanut Sprout contains resveratrol, known for its anticancer and antioxidant and antioxidant effects, about 90 times more than peanut seeds and about 180 times more than red wine –