◈ Product Name : Kwai Hwan

◈ Product Type: Health Functional Food

◈ Net Content : 5g X 30pack (150g)

◈ Recommended Intake : Once a day, take a pack with water.

◈ Ingredient ( 5g / 1 pack )

① Main Ingredient : Aloe Arborescens (Barbaloin 30mg/g)

② Sub Ingredient : Psyllium husk, Inulin, Kombu, Lactobacillus, Capillary wormwood, Peanut Sprout, Milk thistle, Soy Bean Protein Peptide, Fish Collagen Peptide, Guarana, Magnesium oxide, L-arginine, Chitosan.

Kwai Hwan helps bowel activity with Anthraquinone in Aloe.

Our bowel health can be affected by factors such as aging, undesirable eating habits, and irregular lifestyle. For your bowel health, it is important to maintain proper eating habits and to drink enough water. KWAI HWAN can help in smooth bowel movement and health bowel as Anthraquinone in Aloe stimulating the intestinal mucosa.