◈ Product Name : Healthy 20

◈ Product Type: Companion Pet Feed

◈ Net Content : Joint Supplemental Feed 1kg / Eye Supplemental Feed 1kg

◈ Recommended Intake : Vary by Pet Weight

◈ Ingredient: Healthy 20 is a human-grade premium feed made of carefully selected ingredients, such as peanut sprouts, sicklepod seeds, safflower seeds, dandelion, green leaf mussels, and sweet potatoes, for bones, eyes and brain health of companion animals.

◈ Healthy20 contains, resveratrol, asparaginic acid, and various amino acides, helping with antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-dementia and giving your companion pet healthy living.

A healthy promise from Healthy 20

  1. Healthy products made of Human Grade Ingredient
  2. Help with healthy skin and glazed skin
  3. Help in preventing aging and maintaining good health
  4. Help with mind and body stability and stress relief.

Minimize allergy

Using hydroponic cultivated peanut sprouts

Containing probiotics

Using sweet potatoes

Free of Gluten, Preservative, By-product, Grain, GMO materials